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Are your floors starting to get a little dingy or dirty? You may not inspect your floor often, but facility floors in Central Florida take quite a beating over time, especially in high traffic areas. FoxHole Holding group manages the floor maintenance throughout Central Florida for many different business.  In addition to many of our other cleaning offerings at FoxHole Holding Group, we also offer floor stripping and waxing services. Our floor stripping services completely remove dirt, debris, layers of old wax, and other buildup from your floors. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed On All Our Services

We go the extra mile to make our clients happy. However, if you are not completely satisfied with our janitorial cleaning services, please inform us within 24 hours of service and we will re-clean at no additional charge.

100% Satisfaction

The Most Important Step Of Keeping You Facility Presentatble

At FoxHole Holding Group, we believe that stripping and waxing floors are an important part of keeping your facility clean and presentable. These High-traffic areas are prone to dirt and grit and this can give an otherwise beautiful floor an appearance that leaves a lot to be desired .No matter what kind of business you own or manage in Central Florida, FoxHoleHolding Group is a full service janitorial company committed to high quality and excellence in customer service. So if you suspect your floor may require stripping or waxing, our experts can work with you to evaluate your situation and help you make a decision.

Important Stripping & Waxing Steps

Waxed floors can give your home or business a classic, high-quality appearance. Stripping and waxing is also a more involved processes than scrubbing and buffing floors. We will work under (as much as we’re able) and around heavy or fixed items that cannot (or will not) be moved out of the area. For Central Florida businesses and industrial warehouses, stripping requires an expert touch to ensure your floor remains protected. This will rid the floor of any dirt stains and grime or even left over wax, and a bare floor will be revealed. After a floor has been stripped of old wax layers, it requires an application of a quality sealer and a fresh coating of wax to protect it. We can also apply a fresh layer of wax to floors that have already been waxed if necessary.


Prior starting our services, first of all we discuss the traffic patterns of all tiled areas. Then we provide a custom suggestion regarding number of wax coating needed. As per the condition of the floors, it may require 4 – 6 layers of wax coating. For best results we use high quality industrial grade wax.

Highly Trained Stripping & Waxing Teams

We have a trained and efficient stripping and waxing teams to help you maintain a clean facility that reflects positively on your business. FoxHole Holding Group is unique from other any other Central Florida floor stripping and waxing company in that we specialize in commercial floors and can take on those large and daunting projects. We just don’t say it, we actually do! FoxHole has worked with many major restaurants, organizations, theme parks and more throughout Central Florida and has built a stellar reputation in this area.

Floor Restoration & Grout Cleaning

Our team can restore the original beauty of your floors with our floor restoration service. We use the best products to restore natural stone, wood, or tile flooring, saving you substantial amounts of money on the potential costs of replacing your floors. We also specialize in repairing the most delicate floors, such as marble and terrazzo. We do a complete inspection of the type of floor you have and recommend the appropriate solution to restore your feet. 


We also handle grout cleaning!  We restore the look of the original and highly recommend regular grout cleaning as it will improve the look of your floor and save you money over time. Call us today for a free flooring restoration assessment.

No matter what size your stripping and waxing project is for your floor, call FoxHole Holding Group to handle the job for you. We can set up a comprehensive floor maintenance plan to include strip and wax, scrub and re-coat, regular buffing, and floor cleaning.